The Pivot Moment: Emmett Till´s Murder Essay

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A pivotal moment is a turning point on which things, especially events, change, taking a new direction. It can happen every day at any time. These moments can either be positive or negative, good or bad, depending on the impact. Emmett Till's murder exemplifies a pivotal event. One day in Mississippi, he flirted with a married white woman by whistling at her. After the woman's husband, Roy Bryant, found out about it, he brutally murdered Emmett by beating, shooting, and doing barbarous things to him, which completely disfigured his face. When Emmett's great-uncle, Mose Wright, saw his mutilated body, he did not recognize him by his face. "When people saw what had happen to my son, men stood up who had never stood up before," was what …show more content…

Because of Wright's brave decision to testify, he inspired African Americans and other people to take a stand to fight for justice, equality, and civil rights. So the decisions made by certain people played a factor on the impact of Emmett's murder, because Mose Wright's decision made others aware of their capabilities to be brave and be upstanders like him. Not only did decisions made by particular individuals help make Emmett Till's murder have such a major impact on Americans, but also the legacy of lynching in America influenced many perspectives. The history of lynching made people realize how long it continued. According to Lynching Statistics, Mississippi, where Emmett was murdered, had 12.25% of lynching in America between 1882 and 1968. It was ranked the highest at of all of the other states. This explains why this history of lynching impacted Emmett's murder, because after this incident, African Americans noticed how much lynching had occurred and that it was still in existence when Emmett was lynched. Emmett's mother, Mamie Till-Mobley, noticed lynching was still lingering despite how long time has passed, because she decided to have an open casket and to allow pictures of Emmett's mutilated body to be published in magazines to let people, especially African Americans, realize that lynching was still ongoing since 1882. Because Mississippi was ranked the highest in lynching, Mamie wanted Emmett's murder to inspire people, especially mothers, to

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