The Planets Of The Solar System

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“The Nine Planets of the Solar System”, which is an article posted on the NASA website, portrays Earth as a planet that is caring yet still mortal. Interestingly enough, Earth has many characteristics that can be analyzed and compared to human emotions. In the article, NASA states, many characteristics, and those being: moderate temperature, a hot core, an atmospheric field that burns projectiles before hitting Earth 's surface, a moon, and multiple natural activities which damages the Earth 's internal and external characteristics.Therefore, Earth’s beauty and vast miles of calm appearance, makes it feel like there is a complete resemblance to me(of course not the green and serenity of it). Out of every single planet in the article the most common and familiar characteristics is Earth. Earth is our home planet which makes it even better because it’s so comfortable to be in Earth as how people are comfortable Although that Earth’s magnificent qualities have a similarity to me if you ever want to learn more about me and continue to pursue an amazing companion(“friend”, I have a girlfriend) for life. Future friends, and future family members should research Earth more to discover many of its comparable qualities to me. First, Explaining my comparable traits can you give more of a broader idea. I will start off by saying, Earth has a very unique trait, of course parts of the earth are extremely cold or hot, but, the most common temperature is moderate you can also say a very

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