The Play Developed By The Molasses Flood

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The indie game scene has blossomed in recent years as the home console market has welcomed small developers with open arms to self-publish their titles and reach a gaming audience and community once inaccessible to them. Indie games and their developers often take risks with game design, and express their ideas in fresh and creative ways. The Flame in the Flood, an indie title developed by The Molasses Flood, is one of these titles as it places the player in the role of a young woman who is accompanied by her dog as they travel down a treacherous river and scavenge for food and other resources. The world in which the game takes place has become flooded, and the player must navigate their way down river to find shelter, resources, and valuables to stay alive. One could interpret the flame in the title as a symbol of desire and willpower, meanwhile the flood is the constant struggle and battle that one must face. The Flame in the Flood will not appeal to everyone as the game’s atmosphere and setting is of the gloomy and isolated variety, but those interested in the survival genre will find a challenging game that has charm buried underneath its tough exterior. If you are in need of a lengthy tutorial or gradual means of progress, you won’t find that in The Flame in the Flood. The game starts off by placing you in a dire situation as you scavenge for resources in the opening area, and are then immediately pushed on your makeshift boat so that you move towards other areas to

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