The Poem The Earth Written By Used-As-A-Shield

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Environmental Endurance Every year humans dump a massive 2.12 billion tons of waste, and there have been 1,636,129,847 (and counting) tons of waste dumped globally this year. In “The Earth Only” written by used-as-a-shield it also talks of mistreatment of the planet. However, the song “Mother Earth” speaks of building a strong connection of the planet. From both classic (older) and more contemporary (recent) point of views, a problem and solution are revealed through these pieces. Endurance becomes superfluous when humans unite as a species to assist the planet in sustaining itself.
The brief poem “The Earth Only” written by used-as-a-shield, brings to the light the destructive ways of human beings. It does this by saying “The earth only endures” (used-as-a-shield 24). The earth is forced to fight to endure because humans cause her harm and make things harder on her. “The earth only endures” (used-as-a-shield 24). She only endures, she does not flourish. The earth struggles to sustain herself; she is dying. However humans as a species can change that… if unity came to be, no harm would come to her. Blood On The Dance Floor is an acquired taste that many do not enjoy, but they do have a few down to earth songs. The song Mother Earth is a warm song/chant that sounds as if it were written by hippies, yet it rings true. The song shows this in
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“The Earth Only” brings to attention (with only a few words) that the planet is indefatigably fighting to endure the pain humans inflict. “Mother Earth” on the other hand is positive and down to earth, it helps visualize how respect will build a connection with the planet. Both give off opposite energies; “The Earth Only” is the problematic energy and “Mother Earth” is the solution to it. The earth is forced to endure, but respect and love towards the planet will solve that issue and better the
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