The Police And The Media

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The police and the media have been very closely related to one another for a very long time and they will always have to have a relationship with them. They are so closely related because crime itself is considered news that is valuable to the people of a community. Without the media and law enforcement working together, many people would not know what was going on and/or how to act about certain crimes if there are any within their communities. With that in mind, law enforcement must keep up with all the advancing technologies that involve any kind of media. This includes social media, print, internet, television, and cell phones as well. Keeping up with all these different media platforms, working together with the media, and staying on …show more content…

Loads of information was given out and assisted many people. Information like this can also help the law enforcement officers on duty considering they are receiving this and can perform tasks to spread that news and help the community.
Not only is the media a good tool for the police, but the police help the media as well. Crime is great for ratings and attracts more viewers because the public wants to know exactly what is going on. This gives the media more things to talk about during their news segments which will help fill in the amount of time their show is and inform those of anything to look out for that is associated with the crime that has happened.
When the people become active in helping the police through social media, they help the police department build a positive reputation. This will generate a more positive feel towards the police and how they are portrayed through the media. Positive vibes are essential, especially in today’s society given how big the Black Lives Matter movement is. With this, there would be more light hearted news segments about the police which could result in a safer environment for the police and the people.
The media also helps the police in the sense that they can let the public know about special programs they have to offer. For example, by having the local news talk about a program that teaches children what to do when they are offered drugs, or a program that kept children busy with sports, they

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