The Policy Of Appeasement During The Outbreak Of War Essay

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Evaluate the view that the policy of appeasement played a major role in the outbreak of war in Europe in 1939. After the mass amount of life lost in World War One, many countries, through the League of Nations, opted to prevent future conflict. Due to the failure collective security, the idea that countries could discourage aggression, appeasement became a policy adopted in the 1930s, especially by the British. Appeasement was developed in the belief that countries such as Germany were unfairly treated in the Treaty of Versailles. It was used in hope to prevent Germany and Italy going to war. “Appeasement was seen to be magnanimous, good business, idealistic and a form of security.” The policy of appeasement was widely pursued by Britain and France in the 1930s, refers to attempting to satisfy Germany 's demands by negotiation and compromise in order to avoid another war. However due to its failure, the policy of appeasement, to a large extent was responsible for the outbreak of war in 1939. It is clear that if the Western Powers had retaliated against Hitler, war could have been avoided. Despite large extent the policy of appeasement in the outbreak of war it is superseded by other factors as well. The policy of appeasement allowed for some of Hitler’s goal of Lebensraum, many factors causing the outbreak of War in Europe. Hitler ordered German rearmament in October 1933. Rearmament was Germany’s plea for equality, as a result of the crippling terms of the Treaty of
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