The Political Effects Of Traditional Family Values

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After the cultural revolution of the 1960s caused all of these effects, traditional family values truly became a political manner. Ronald Reagan used the word “family” 17 times in a nationally televised speech, while his opponent, President Ford, called for tax policies to preserve “the family home, the family farm, and the family business.” Jimmy Carter worried aloud about the traditional family during his 1976 campaign trial. It could be argued that these politicians were overplaying the family issue, but these issues clearly became political nonetheless. This family issue had presented itself on both the left and the right, and the struggle of both parties during this time period was to assert their own definition of family into mainstream politics. On the left, breadwinner liberalism’s approach to family began losing its appeal as real wages stagnated, inflation reached double digits, trade unions weakened, and more families than any other point in American history since World War II depended on two people’s incomes. Many Americans, including conservatives, felt as if the liberal approach to restoring the family had failed. Furthermore, women’s advocates and feminists affirmed the positive rights of women, called for the expansion of rights of gays and children, and promoted policies that they believed would straighten the economic wellbeing of families. However, these liberals were not as successful as conservatives in this conflict, and the family had become more

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