The Positive Factors For Children In Sports And Poverty

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Sports participation can be such a positive aspect on a young child’s life, however, with so many families living in poverty it makes it much harder for their children to participate. For children born into poverty, participating in sports are often times out of reach; not because they are not able to play or do not want to play, but because the cost is unattainable. After all of the cost to sign up and purchase the uniform, parents must then go out and purchase any equipment that is necessary for their child to participate. Children have the ability to become anything they want to be and for many children an athlete is highly ranked upon career choices. If a child shows dedication and commitment the dream in reachable and can change their lives for the better. With the over-16.4 million children living in poverty, nearly 50 percent will spend more than half of their lives below the poverty line and there has got to be a way out. Sports should be encouraged more in areas of poverty due to the positive impact it can have on young, impressionable children. In 1903 New York City’s Public School Athletic League for Boys was established. It focused on creating a fun environment of competitive activities to keep the young boys encouraged to attend school. These boys’ clubs grew popular rapidly and by 1910 17 other cities across the United States had developed their own type of competitive sports leagues. When the depression hit the United States the competitive sports

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