The Possibility of College Sports Being Banned

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The first time that I had any type of knowledge about the possibility of college sports being banned was just a few weeks ago inside of my English 101 class. I cannot express how surprise I was when I found this out. Not in a million years I ever would of thought a activity that most athletes live by every day can just go away in a snap of a finger. How could somebody even turn professional if they have not been in the college phase yet? Questions just arise in my head when I hear about this topic. How could a promising talented basketball player leave their high school and just go to the NBA without college guidance? How could a promising football player leave their high school and just go to the NFL without any college guidance. This whole topic has to be the most stupid thing I ever heard of and does not even deserve an piece of argument. I understand that more and more people are being hurt and seriously damaged, but let's be real, it's not like they don't know their risk. Everybody who play's an sports knows what their getting themselves into and the possibilities that can happen. In one article I read that a lot of brain damage incidents are happening prior to college sports, resulting in a ban on all college programs. I just don't get why all of the blame has to be on college sports. What about high school and junior high football, and youth programs like Pop Warner? If brain damage can be found in college players, shouldn't youth programs of sports and high school

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