The Potential of Stem Cells

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Stem cells have the potential to impact the medical field changing the way we see science and medicine. It’s necessary to understand stem cells, the possible uses and differences. Stem cells transform to certain tissues types depending on the ones surrounding them. Certain stem cells have the ability to repair damaged tissue, which in long term can impact those with severe medical conditions. Like any other medical field. Stem cell research is very complex and consists of various data. Stem cell research is moderately new and had had various success stories in the past 50 years. The idea was put forward in 1908 by Alexander Maksimou. Maksimou created a theory establishing stem cells as being able to transform to other cells being the start of reparation of tissue. The idea was rather boxed away until 1964 were scientist, James and Ernest demonstrated the existence of renewing cells found in the bone marrow on mice. Later discovering that cells of organs can create the entire body. Creating not only cells to function with the lungs but with the kidneys, liver and heart. Stem cells are unspecialized cells that have the ability to take on any function and divide during life time. Stem cells have potentiality been able to replace over 200 different cells in the body, in some test being able to fix the abnormality. They are able to take the function of a cell, there are two types of stem cells adult and embryonic cells Embryonic cells have been highly controversy in the past
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