The Poverty Of The United States

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Every year, more than 40,000 of Americans die of deaths that could be prevented (Cecere, David). That is an astonishing number of the country that is the richest in the world. A country where some of the best hospitals and medicines are available. This has been a problem for some time in the Unites States of America (USA). It’s not only the minorities that are left out of the system to fend for their health by them self. It is also the middle class people who can’t deal with the high cost of insurance and have to go without it. There are people who do have insurance but they are under insured and it 's the same as not having it. Young or old no one is safe each age group have to worry about their health in different ways, but have the…show more content…
The worst part was that medical cost were raising. The health of not only a few people, but the nation had grown worse than ever before. The poor could not only buy food, but could not get the medical treatment they need for not eating, and when they prescribed a perception they could not pay for it. This was when the government thru welfare agencies started to pay for the medical cost of the poor ( Hoffman, Catherine). However the number one priority of the government at that time was the unemployment and not the access to health care for the people dying of sickness and starvation. Most of the laws at that time were not to let everyone have access to health care. Most of the laws were about social security and unemployment insurance. The topic of a National Health Insurance (NHI) was always brought up during the discussions of the laws, but never made it in to them and were discarded. Many of the reasons why this never went through to become law was that many conservatives both Republican and Democrat thought that it would expand the government and give it more power than it should have. Also, there was a lot of lobbying from the growing private health insurance company to make an NHI look like a bad thing. In the years that followed and during the time of WW2 the government once again tried to make health care available to everyone, and this time it would be run by the national government and be part of social security. This time it was with the help of
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