The Power Of Names In Literature, By William Shakespeare

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Names are a powerful thing. As people, the world often doesn't recognise the power of a name, though they are so significant to everyone and are often kept private, sharing rarely or not at all. In literature, the power of a name fascinates both the writers and the readers, in some cases they grasp you and pull you further into the story only to reveal the true hero or villain at the end. These names are what gives both writers and readers a drive to continue on hoping for the triumphant ending they yearn for being constantly taunted by the black ink wanting nothing more than to fulfil their mystery of knowing the true name of the victor or the killer. However what truly makes a name memorable and so powerful that the shear sound of it racks through the minds of people both young and old for years to come and makes the people press on only wanting to press forward? Why is it that a man could shape the future of literature with just words making the ground quake and knees shake throughout history?
Who was William Shakespeare and how did he become one of the most iconic names in literature. “What is in a name”? ( Shakespeare) Shakespeare's past and personal life , shrouded in mystery has little no nothing that is certain, as if he simply disappeared off of the stage like a phantom in the mist, only to return as the curtains of his creation reveal what is his legacy; however, from the few documents that have been salvaged from the archives of his blurry mysterious past has

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