The Power Of Power In Catch 22 By Joseph Heller

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The Holocaust, a deadly homicide, forced the Germans to go against their values and kill innocent victims. They had no choice but to accept this harsh rule, or else they could die. The management of the hierarchy mandated all the Germans to follow their assigned rules, even when they disagreed. When there is an authority a person must obey and listen to their orders, or else it can harm an individual. Thus, the individual becomes detached from their basic human rights, and becomes an object. The authorized figure uses their power for the benefit of others, not for the common good of the people. Likewise, In Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, the government uses their power for the benefit of themselves, and strips freedom of speech from all soldiers. The bureaucracy of war causes the soldiers to become objects, makes the colonels absorbed in power, as well as the government. Heller describes the war as corrupt, political authority who jeopardizes others for their favor. Human beings become devalued due to the uncaring decisions of bureaucratic figures and abusive power of military officials. For example, when Colonel Cathcart offers Yossarian the deal he states, “You'll enjoy a rich, rewarding, luxurious, privileged existence. You'd have to be a food to throw it all away just for a moral principle, and you’re not a fool. Is it a deal?"(Heller 428). The diction of “moral” shows how the colonel acknowledges he has to go against his morals, but does not care for the good of

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