The Power Of The Visual Image

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The Power of the Visual Image Can Blind You
Ones’ appearance is not the only determinant of knowing if the person is evil or good. As seen in Felix, and an old man in the forest, and other minor characters in Shelley’s Frankenstein are too quick to make a judgment of the person based on his or her appearance. Beauty does not indicate one is good while being ugly does not say that you are evil. In Frankenstein’s, the creature is the victim of the component of appearance because his ugly appearance leads people to loathe him and even see him as evil. However, Walton, Frankenstein’s friend, the only characters who does not judge him solely on his appearance, who has quested Walton to kill the creature, serves as a moral example to the reader since he gets to know his actual intentions through his use of words and his actions.
In Frankenstein all the characters except for the blind man and Walton judge the creature, Frankenstein’s creation, solely on his appearance and how he physically looks. He is viewed as a distorted creature or human that does not appear like the rest of the human race; therefore, he is hated and treated terribly due to his appearance. All the characters in Frankenstein seem to judge the Creature through his visual appearance. The first time the characters lay eyes on his distorted figure they only observe his physical feature and categorize him as evil, even his creator looks at him in a disgusted and horrified view, “I had desired it with an ardor that

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