The Power Of Words In Markus Zusak's The Book Thief

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In the book The Book Thief by Markus Zusak the theme words are more powerful than actions becomes clear through plot, character, and setting. This book takes place in Germany when Hitler was in rule. During this time we meet a Jew, Max, who is running for his life. Max is more afraid of what Hitler will say than do. He comes to the Hubermann household for protection where he meets Rosa, Hans, and of course Liesel. Rosa and Hans Hubermann how haven’t joined the Notizie party, but Hans has sent out an application to join. Hans was in World War 1 and his life was saved by Max’s father. Max’s father had an accordion and he died in this war. Han’s took the accordion back to Max’s mother when she told him he could keep it. Hans told Max’s mother that if she was ever in …show more content…

Max is so important to Liesel because he makes her use her own words and that gives her power that she never thought she had. Liesel’s words are so important to her that she would risk her life to save a book from the fire. She will do anything for words, and that is what is so important about Max he helps her use her words. Hans and Max help her see the brilliance and power of words. In conclusion “ The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak has strongly developed the theme words have the power and brilliance to outshine any actions. Hans, Rosa, Liesel, Max, Rudy, and Hitler all show this throughout the book. The setting, Germany during Hitler’s rule, really made a difference and helped developed the theme. The plots biggest conflict was Hitler trying to destroy people with his words, and by making people afraid by his words. These relationships Liesel has with people and words wouldn’t have happened if her brother died. Even though it was very sad for Liesel his death saved

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