The Practice of Spying or Using Spies Essay

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Webster new explorer dictionary said that the definition of espionage is “the practice of spying or using spies to obtain information about plans and activities especially of a foreign government or a competing company” (1999). Spies in World War 2 had very fun jobs but very dangerous jobs at the same time, but still lived a good life. Spies were used to gather secret information to help their countries win the war. People became spies because they to be loyal to their country. Female spies did the most work in helping their countries gain victory in the war. During World War 2, there were a lot more female spies than there were males. Females had a large problem during the war because they were unexpected to be a spy or have anything to…show more content…
Any Spies that were caught were killed, imprisoned or tortured. Many spies were forgotten in World War 2 because some of them had died during the war, while others were taken as hostages and killed and some of them just disappeared. A female spy named Eileen Nearne “who was 89 years old when she died” was taken and tortured by German soldiers. She had later found out that she was disabled because of many medical conditions caused by torture. Eileen hasn’t heard from any spies or been herd of as a spy for many years. Her neighbors described her as a wonderful and sweet secretive old lady who really loved her cats. Eileen was found dead because she had suffered from a heart attack. These type of things are very common among ex spies who were in World War 2. There are many cases where spies have died from heart attacks; this is a popular way for spies to die. Female spies in World War 2 started a turning point for secret information that helped the other country’s win the war. There were many female spies that helped find secret information and secret missions so that they could help to stop bombing, killing, raids, and executions. It was easy for female spies to enter other place because no one expects a woman to be a spy or in anything secretive. Females were also good in war because most people in the war and in power were men. An men are attracted to females so they could easily get the men to give them secret information that could help their country to find out
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