Essay on The Presence of an Iceberg in A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

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Presence of an iceberg in "A clean, well-lighted place
From the short story, ‘A clean, well-lighted place’, Hemingway has comprehensively used his theory of omission. The first part where this theory is used is in the definition of the characters present in the story. The old man, who is the first character, is brought out with lots of omissions regarding his details (Hemingway 1). The old man is only described as old and deaf. In addition, it is stated that he enjoyed coming out at night when it was quieter and could drink until the waiters became restless and ordered him out.
By looking at the old man, the reader can easily come up with many conclusions and symbolic interpretations. Firstly, the old age is a symbolic representation of
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The old man was therefore psychologically affected by the loneliness at home. Despite the wealth that is later highlighted by the waiters in their conversations, the old man cannot seem to find solace and hence the reason for frequent visit to the café. His quest is peace and company. This therefore explains why the writer takes the old man to a café, rather than to a bar.
While alcohol is sold in all these places, the writer brings the old man to a café, due to its cleanliness, good arrangement and light. This illustrates that the old man opts for the café due to its calm nature, compared to the bars, which are noisy, violent, and disorderly (Morris and Owens 4). The ruthlessness associated with the bars makes it an unsuitable place for the old man and he thus opts to drink in the café.
By omitting his hearing capability, the writer develops the concept of loneliness further. The old man cannot even get to hear from the community. He was therefore alienated from many realities and the world was far away from him. Through this, the writer clearly brings about the concept of despair. The perceived lack of an influence to commit suicide was intentionally omitted by the writer in order to give the reader a broader approach to the problem. If the writer had stated the reason that prompted the old man to attempt suicide, the reader could not have developed a broader understanding of the

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