The Presidential Election Of 1912

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Presidential Election of 1912
In the presidential election of 1912 the Democrat Woodrow Wilson, Progressive Theodore Roosevelt, Republican William Howard Taft, and Socialist Eugene Debs all had their opposing views on the issues that concerning the future of democracy in America. Some of the issues were; the Conservation of Natural Resources, Direct Democracy, Labor, Race, Tariff, Trusts and Regulation of Business, and votes for Women. Majority of the people desired change, as would I if I were to have lived during this time period . My vote would have been for Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, as the change he promises is fair compared to the other candidates.
Labor would be one of the issues that would be most important to me as a voter. Working is part of life, it 's necessary to be able to provide for your family. In 1912, the working conditions were not safe or healthy. The long working hours, the dangerous work space, the low pay all would make people desire change. As a voter, I would want to know that in the future I would be safe at work with good pay to be able not to live in poverty. There were many strikes that occurred, demanding change in labor in 1912. In the Lawrence Strike, “people fought for higher wages, shorter hours, safer working conditions, regulation of woman and child labor, and workmen 's compensation.” Another issue that would be important to me as a voter would be the tariff. The Tariff is a source of federal revenue. It’s a way for the United States…
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