The Problem Of Aggression And Violence

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Aggression and violence are common in every day life, so common everyone is exposed to it. Krahe’ defines aggression as behavior that has intention to inflict negative consequences on a target with an expectancy the action will have a particular outcome (2001).There are an innumerable amount of studies to explain why aggression and violence occur, which are ranged from social and biosocial explanations as seen by the frustration and aggression theory (Dollard, 1939), the excitement transfer theory (Zillman, 1979), and the social learning theory (Bandura, 1961). Also ranged from biological theories, such as, psychodynamic (Freud, 1920), evolutionary (Buss, 1990), and ethological (Lorenz, 1966). Aggression has many forms, from social, verbal and physical aggression and other serious kinds of violence (Karriker-Jaffe, Foshee, Ennett, & Suchindran, 2008). Based on theories and studies; I will propose my FIVEstop approach, which are 5 solutions that may help reduce aggressive in society, and why the solutions may work. First, I recommend starting with children and parents. Since children are our future adults who will grow to learn different behaviors and actions, I believe it is crucial to reduce aggression in children first starting from birth. Many studies have shown that spanking children causes aggression. Maccoby (1992) found that children who have experienced physical discipline from their parents are more aggressive than those who have not. However, to understand
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