The Problem With Racism Is Issue

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To start this Essay, it will be talking about race. A reason for talking about the problem with racism is because many people are judged by the color of their skin. By bringing this up ill also be using Boyle’s Drop City book to how racism is issue. The specific purpose exposes the issue with racism. Many people have trouble dealing with racism this in the end will eventually this will escalate to something even worse that would involve all races to clash. None of which will turn out good for anyone in the end. The following paragraphs will talk about providing evidence for the reader, then acknowledge a counter argument which would afterwards rebutting it, and connect the racial profiling problem with the present problem to see if it’s still relevant to the people. The next main point is to talk about what happened in the past that made such inequality impossible to achieve within the past years and how it was made an issue. The final main point will then explain through how we the people can be able to make equality a reality regarding the race gender or even color. People make an endless disagreement that don’t matter whatsoever, its mostly because of humans being too selfish to even think about working together with their own kind and what’s especially disappointing is that humans doesn’t have enough trust in each other after all many people are used to being tricked by any kind of form as an enemy which makes that one individual only care about his/her want or need.
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