The Problem of Overfishing

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One of the growing issues that has been plaguing our marine habitats is the problem of overfishing. What this means is that we are taking fish from the ocean, at rates that are far higher than the fish can replenish themselves, which is a problem because fish and other marine organisms are very important for millions of people around the world. They are relied on because sometimes it is the only way to have access to a good source of proteins and fatty acids throughout the day. The key for sustainable management revolves around the idea of the economics of the catch. What this means is that we can maximize the fish that we obtain from the oceans while still allowing them to replenish year after year. The way that it works is that fish have a different growth rate depending on where they lie in regards to their carrying capacity. When they are at their carrying capacity they have a very low growth rate so this would be an ideal time to catch fish. The other ideal time to catch fish is when they are at half of their carrying capacity because this is when they have the highest growth rate. If this was done, fisheries would be able to catch the same number of individuals as the fish produced that year, while the population remained at half the carrying capacity. One way that we limit how many fish can be caught is by imposing quotas and monitoring catch numbers. There are two problems with how it works now. The first is that in reality the fish populations are

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