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Journal Response The chapter “What Does the Process Involve?” by Erika Lindemann describes the many stages that occur during the writing process; all the steps that follow before finishing a writing material. Lindemann shares the habits that she follows while prewriting and drafting as well as the steps followed while revising and editing and states that even after finishing the material she always finds areas that she would have liked to correct. In general, Lindemann expresses that even though the writing process follows a step by step order, it usually falls out of the orderly plan when more ideas come to mind on how to better and improve the final work. To start with, Lindemann expresses the importance of modeling students the prewriting process stating that it is easier to brainstorm ideas when the students are motivated and have choices than when the assignments are imposed by the teacher. Lindemann describes how this process recalls student´s ideas and considers the purpose, audience, point of view and code to be used on the writing process. Next, on the starting writing part, the drafting, Lindemann mentions that writers usually encounter …show more content…

Then, students sometimes feel discouraged by receiving a lower grade and seeing all the corrections they have to do to this final paper. In this situation, is important to also highlight the good portions of the writing piece. Also, it is important to give the writing process a good amount of time to follow all the steps without rushing towards meeting a deadline. In this situation, as mentioned by Lindemann, students rush into finishing their works without giving the importance needed to each step in the process. I think now that each step has to be given enough time to be attempted and then time to discuss the results and ways to improve it before going into the next

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