The Process Of Close Reading While Using Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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The Process of Close Reading While Using Rhetorical Analysis Introduction to Close Reading Rhetorical Analysis The close reading process of a rhetorical analysis includes breaking down an essay into different parts in order to create a certain affect towards the reader. In the article, “Should Writer’s Use They Own,” Young uses diverse language to address the idea of code meshing. Young’s rhetorical appeal in the article intersect with my reading experiences by creating a difficult read, that makes me want to take the time to identify the author’s key points within the article. The article presents two different positions in the issue, whether students should be allowed to use their native language while writing papers for school. The slang words Young uses help capture my attention throughout the article. As the article goes back and forth presenting both Fish’s and Young’s arguments, which make it difficult to keep track of who has better arguments. It is difficult to clearly the article because the article is targeted towards professors. Interacting with diverse language includes breaking down a written paper into sections in order to identify the author’s overall purpose. Throughout, my reading process of the article, I was able to see my capability of reading difficult text. The Active Reading Process The active reading process begins with the act of annotation. The act of annotating helps the reader break down the paper in order to make it easier to understand the
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