The Prologue Of Anselm 's Monologion

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In the prologue of Anselm’s Monologion, he states that his goal is to offer indisputable deductive reasoning for the existence of God. He begins his argument for God’s existence by working through the unquestionable idea, that some things are innately better than others. Using the analogy of a horse, Anselm logically explains that strength and speed are considered good in the context of a horse. A strong horse is equally as good as a fast horse, however these qualities are different in their own respects. He argues that good things all have an element of diversity. For example, he says that a strong and fast thief would not be considered something good, although strength and speed are looked at as good qualities. His argument so far is sound; it cannot be argued that some things aren’t better than others. He also states that good things are diverse and all good things must come from one good thing or a greater good. The greater good is then good within itself, since all diverse goods derive from the greatest good. Concluding that there’s a greater good that generates goodness, is good within itself and is its own cause in turn making it supremely good. Whatever is supremely good must be supremely great which, makes it better and worth more, and so to be supremely good something must be supremely great which, must make it the best, leading it to be supreme among all existing things. In chapter three he suggests that nothing can exist from nothing, an irrefutable statement,

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