The Pros And Cons Of Beavers

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Beavers are known for two things, they long teeth and their dams. According to Beavers Solutions LLC “The dams, canals and lodges beaver builds have gained them the reputation as “Nature’s Engineers”. No other animal with the exception of man so significantly alters its habitat to suit its own needs and desires. Native Americans revered the beaver and referred to them as “Little People” for this reason.”. Beavers build dams or lodges to create pond for their food. Like the quotes says beavers transform their surroundings to fit their need like humans. However, Humans build dams for a variety of reasons from flood control to water storage. Dams are also used to generate energy. Humans have been harnessing the rivers for millennium. Water mills were built to help make flour and were used as a source of power for early industrial endeavour. However, it wasn’t until the early nineteenth century when a french engineer named Benoit Fourneyron created one of the first turbines. Over twenty years later an American engineer created one of the first water turbine based on Fourneyron. Water turbines work like this, water from the reservoir that the dam creates flows through an intake tunnel. The rushing water turns the turbine fast enough that the generator spins too. To expand on this simple principle further, the turbine can control the amount water coming in through the gates around the blades depending on how much power is needed. When the blades turn it also turns the rotor

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