The Pros And Cons Of Bitcoin

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Problem Statement

Exchange rates are the important tools in the global economy. The exchange rate activity will affect the price of every country’s imports and exports, as well as the value of every overseas investment. A weak currency makes exports cheaper to foreigners, which can lead to higher exports and job creation in the export sector. Consumers use exchange rates to calculate the cost of goods produced in other countries. How much a currency is worth in relation to another currency is determined by the supply and demand for currencies in the foreign exchange market. Following the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, tensions among countries over exchange rate policies arguably broadened. Some policymakers and analysts have expressed …show more content…

From the history of Iraqi Swiss Dinar that had no backing by either commodities or government entities indicates that Bitcoin may succeed. But, the potential users and investors should be aware of the many risks inherent in using new technology like Bitcoin.

Suggestion for Further Research

One of the main limitations within this study was time. This meant that the sample size and number of participants is relatively small. This meant that there was limited time to conduct interview, gather observations and request follow-up interviews to explore any aspects of the study that jumped out as us during the data collection phase. Therefore, with more time, the coverage of study can be more wider and the scope of the study can be more comprehensive. Additional and next study can be in perspective of law and regulation in Malaysia whether supported to implement Bitcoin openly or not. The vast majority of currencies are backed by government, commodities or both. That it may exist in a legal gray area about its legal status. Furthermore, other legal issues that have not been analyzed including tax evasion, money laundering,

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