The Pros And Cons Of Cannabis

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For centuries cannabis has been used for medical and spiritual healing across the world and is believed to have originated in Asia over 12,000 years ago. Cannabis was criminalised in the UK in 1928 as a part of the Dangerous Drugs Act (1920). The act was a necessity after Britain signed the 1925 Geneva International Convention of Narcotics Control. A proposition to include Cannabis in the 1925 agenda came from Turkey and Egypt with Egyptian delegate Mohamed El Guindy claiming amongst other concerns that “the proportion of cases of insanity caused by the use of hashish varies from 30 to 60 per cent of the total number of cases occurring in Egypt.” (1924) The British delegate initially abstained from voting and suggested further investigation is required nonetheless he signed the act in the end. At the time in Britain, there was no parliamentary debate and there was little to no opposition of cannabis use, prohibitionist campaigners spent their time and resources campaigning against alcohol and cocaine consumption. Currently it is illegal to possess, grow or distribute cannabis in the UK where cannabis is identified as a class B drug. Possession of a B classified substance can result in a 5-year prison sentence as well as an unlimited fine. Over the last decade, cannabis classification has fluctuated between a C and B classification. However is the classification of cannabis the relevant question? Should we now be considering legalising cannabis in the UK and

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