The Pros And Cons Of Driverless Cars

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Our future is intense and frightening, but overall, unpredictable. We will have driverless cars soon in our world. They will overtake our roads and means of transportation. In my opinion, I think there is both good and bad with these driverless cars. There is both pros and cons dealing with this future. This future for cars will reduce drunk driving, reduce traffic jams, and reduce expense on the driver and our planet. The downside however, will come with putting millions out of business. Driverless cars are technology, and technology is not perfect, it sometimes crashes and does not always work the way we want it to. We do know that humanity is not perfect either. Humanity makes mistakes just as much as technology. So in this essay, I will talk about perspective one, perspective two, and perspective three, all talking about how driverless cars are good and bad for the future of our world. Firstly, perspective one talks about how driverless cars are an amazing idea. They will save countless lives, protect the environment, and allow more transportation options for the poor. The benefits of driverless cars will vastly outweigh any short term drawbacks. I agree and disagree with this perspective. I agree because what it is saying is true. I disagree because it does not talk about the bad things of what it will do. What if these driverless cars go rogue and kill a pedestrian or passenger. They will give more good things to the world but they will also give bad

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