The Pros And Cons Of Drug Addiction

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Every year, thousands of students graduate and enter full time jobs in the workforce excited to begin their careers. However these young adults do not realize some of the immense pressures that await them, this can arise from tight deadlines and high expectations that they may not feel they can live up to in the first few months. This can cause many of these transitioning graduates to panic and look for ways to calm themselves down once they get home from work. With the stresses of work continually wearing on their mental health, many people become vulnerable to drug abuse. One studied also showed that 8.7 percent of full-time adult workers aged 16 to 64 used alcohol heavily in one month, 8.6 percent used illegal drugs, and 9.5 were dependent on one or both of the substances during the year. Yet it is not only the middle class workers that are susceptible to the lure of drugs and alcohol. As we know there is a high percentage of the wealthy population that feel these substances are the answer to some of their problems in life, whether it’s to fit in, to achieve a high in a lifestyle which already provides them so much, or to just experience something new, many affluent individuals find themselves caught in a cycle of addiction which is tough to break. Although, no matter what background you have there is always a way to get your life back on track if you truly want too, there are many different methods to combat these addictions and rehab centers that provide intervention

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