The Pros And Cons Of Fake News

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Fake news can make you think differently towards many things, it can even change the way you think about an upcoming election or a new law. The way fake news gets spread around is simple. It gets shared over and over again on the internet and social media. There are some easy ways to spot fake news but sometimes it is not so easy to do so. Fake news can change the way we think and change our beliefs towards democracy in many ways. Many people believe everything they see and read on the internet. Most of the time they spread what they see and other people read and share it as well. But in order to spot fake news and stop the spreading of it, you have to be very careful. Here are a couple easy ways to check for fake news. Always check the source to see if it is credible. If it is not, then you know it is probably fake. It is also good to check for an author and a date on the source. These are both good signs of a trustworthy source. One last thing to look out for is the grammar in the text. If there are bad spelling errors and/or over excessive use of capital letters, then it is most likely fake news. Lots of fake news gets spread through social media. Websites and apps such as facebook and twitter are probably the most known for this. People who do not know any better like little kids and adults with no knowledge on how to spot it are the ones to most likely to spread and share it. Doing this means that lots and lots of people will see it throughout the internet and most
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