The Pros And Cons Of Fracking

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One of the most fiercely debated topics in environmental engineering is whether or not the benefits of hydraulic fracturing outweigh the cons. On one side of the spectrum, many believe that hydraulic fracturing is harmful to the environment. Surrounding ecosystems are heavily damaged by toxic chemicals used in fracking. The process can also taint large bodies of water causing many species to be harmed. Hydraulic fracturing may also potentially cause major climate changes.
The greatest environmental hazard of fracking proves to be the use of toxic chemicals. This happens because oil and gas industries are not required to disclose what chemicals they use when fracking. Some chemicals that scientists have discovered in fracking mixtures include Methanol, 2-Butoxyethanol and sodium chloride. These chemicals all have dangerous side effects if consumed. Humans are not the only species harmed by these effects. Even small amounts of sodium chloride in freshwater bodies such as …show more content…

Multiple towns have already banned fracking, but the biggest change will come from the federal legislature. Regarding new policy, energy production and use are playing a critical role in the sustainability of the Earth's ecosystems. Many citizens would like to see a congressional change of heart, however, no new modifications are on the horizon for the future of hydraulic fracturing. MIT Technology Review proposes new technologies that will prevent water pollution as a result of fracking. National Geographic says that eliminating diesel fumes would aid in the process of a greener solution. It states, “ The diesel-powered equipment used in drilling and pumping wells can be a worrisome source of harmful pollutants such as particulates, as well as carbon emissions that contribute to global warming” (National Geographic

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