The Pros And Cons Of Genetic Engineering

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There is a basketball tournament going on. One team’s game takes place in a well-lit gym with stands filled with spectators to the brink. The dedicated sports fans are cheering and excited as the game occurs. The other team is across campus in a dingy and dim gym that was so destroyed, no one bothered to clean it before the game. Now some may say that this paper might go towards race or wealth or a million other things that are included in the prejudice in today's society; however, in my previous description I am talking about something else that may soon shape societies prejudices in a new unheard-of way.
Genetic Engineering.
Genetic engineering on humans is a moral dilemma that sooner or later will be brought up through our legal system. The outcome favors the untimely destruction of humans if it introduced into society.
In short, Genetic engineering is using current engineering technology to replace, delete, and alter our genes. The process can be seen in the diagram bellow.

Fig. 1 This is a model for insulin. In humans, it would take place in a embryotic cell instead of a bacterium and they wouldn’t go through steps 6-8.
Genetic engineering started as the concept of solving the world health problem through GMOs. GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms, are now commonly used in farming and industry. One such example is named “golden rice”; this rice was engineered to contain Vitamin A and Iron, which are common deficiencies in less developed countries
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