The Pros And Cons Of Genetic Engineering

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In the past, if two potential parents were aware of a genetic disease which ran in their families, and they didn’t want to pass it on to their baby, they only had two options. Don’t have a baby at all to ensure that there is no way of the genetic disease being passed on, or adopting a kid. However, thanks to genetic engineering, it is now possible for parents to prevent their future kids from having any of these diseases at all. This method has now been termed genetic perfection, since the parents can actually go into their child's genes and start manipulating which traits their kids can or cannot express. It is this very trait of genetic modification that has become a concern for some scientists and politicians since this technology is still new and many believe that there will be many dangerous consequences that may arise from the use of these methods. This has led to many debates and discussions about whether parents should have the ability to decide exactly what their kids will be like. Some believe that ethical complications may arise, such as should parents have the ability to decide what their kids look like, or how will health insurance work now that insures know exactly how much health risk a patient has. However, the opposition believes that there's nothing wrong with making sure a kid does not have to suffer from a disease that could’ve been prevented. Overall, genetic modification and perfection has become a very gray area since there are both a lot of positives

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