The Pros And Cons Of Psychological Slavery

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We live in a world where everyone seems to be focused on their wellbeing and how they should improve themselves. This makes us so distant from what is going on in the world, assuming if we are okay, that extends to others. But it’s not that way. Even after thousands of efforts to stop the bad guys and make the world a better place, the evil still exists out there. We have daily murders, daily robberies, and even daily slavery. Let me focus on the last one, slavery. What do you understand with slavery? It is usually defined as “a condition of having to work very hard without proper appreciation”. And by this, we mean the physical slavery but, what about psychological slavery? Is it as harsh on people as the physical one? Slavery in general…show more content…
Not being able to see yourself as a free soul, a free man, that’s what psychological slavery does to you. It invades your mind and then , you’re just a breathing robot, that just does what he is ordered to do. You lose your identity as a person. Even though this is supposed to end a long time ago, psychological slavery exists even nowadays. Doing a job or anything with the fear that you will be punished makes you become a kind of a slave. Someone threatening you and making you do things that you don’t want to is a type of slavery too. This pressure is considered as a psychological slavery in “modern times”.
There’s been a huge debate about which type of slavery is most harmful. Some argue that physical slavery is the worst and some say that psychological slavery causes more damage.This lead us to think about what should we do, which problem to address first? Referring to what Douglass said :
“At times I would rise up, a flash of energetic freedom would dart through my soul, accompanied with a faint beam of hope, that flickered for a moment, and then vanished. I sank down again, mourning over my wretched condition. I was sometimes prompted to take my life, and that of Covey, but was prevented by a combination of hope and fear. My sufferings on this plantation seem now like a dream rather than a stern
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