The Pros And Cons Of Shootings

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Boom boom boom, noises of gun fire as Dylan and Ismael hide waiting for gunshots to stop so they can return the shots. The masked man keeps on firing with his sterling silver A.R. 15 with an drum clip on the bottom holding 100 armor piercing bullets, the way the man was strapped it seemed certain death for the two juveniles. Back to 2 weeks ago, It was october 24. A week from halloween, The cold October breeze as 2 men walked to the local weed dealer’s house they hit the block where the man resides and then walked up the steps one after the other. As they went inside they went threw the daily routine they got a twenty sack and was on there way as they walked out Dylan noticed a man who was wearing all black suit with a mask and started …show more content…

”Bet let's get this nigga” Dylan said while hitting the blunt. 6 days went by and then it was time Ismael called the man. ”aye man its me from the other day,meet me in the same spot in 30 mins” Ismael said urgently on the phone. The man didn't even answer he coughed and hung the phone up. Ismael grabbed his 38 snub nose but it in right behind his belt buckle and called Dylan. “Hey we're meeting him in the same spot where we met him the first time” Ismael told Dylan over the phone. “Ok i'm on my way” Dylan said then hung up the phone. After that Ismael called up the plug and told him the plan is happening in 45 minutes. Soon later Dylan came threw the door with a gold and leather one strap backpack wearing athletic black shorts and running shoes with a black nike windbreaker on. As soon as Dylan walked threw the door Ismael walked out and Dylan followed shut the door and followed Ismael as he was walked to the back of the house. “What are we doing”Dylan asked. “Where going through the alleyways”Ismael responded. Ismael made sure the back door was unlocked before they left he cracked it open so there would be a quick and easy entry. As they walked suspiciously down the ally’s as if they were being watched. “As soon as the deal is done we run till we reach the trap house,do you understand?” Ismael asked Dylan not sure if he knew the full plan. “Yeah, ok” Dylan snapped back. When they reached the house they went it and they dapped up the homie who was

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