The Pros And Cons Of Texting

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Since the start of communication, engineers have been searching for ways to advance the way we connect with one another- from the pictograph, to the landline telephone, even to our revolutionary smartphones. However, one advancement that really made it’s mark on our society and culture was texting, which almost everyone from ages 10 to 50 has participated in at some point in their lives. While texting is seen as a positive in younger people’s eyes, the older generation often feels it’s a negative. John Humphrys, author of “I H8 Txt Msgs”, in particular, has his own pronounced opinion on texting, and is not a strong advocate for it. David Crystal, who has written many pieces on texting, but specifically “2B or Not 2B?”, on the contrary, believes that texting is not a bad thing, and it actually impacts texters in a positive way. Of the two authors, David Crystal provides a much more convincing argument through providing statistics and details, whereas John Humphrys uses his personal opinions in an attempt to convince readers. Crystal’s ability to conceptualize (or rationalize) texters’ motivations for abbreviating strengthens his argument by making him sound more knowledgeable as a writer. To begin his argument, Crystal makes the excellent point that people would not send texts that are unreadable, especially when texting is a service that is not free. It also is not all the time that people will send text with “slanguage” (Crystal 1), since not all situations will call for

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