The Pros And Cons Of The Intel Platform

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A platform is a place where support can be provided for a system or software or hardware and where they work. For example, the Windows XP system can be seen as a platform in which many software and function programs are installed, and the system that supports these programs is the system. The system can be seen as a platform. Intel platform is based on compatible Intel products, specifically for Intel development of software or hardware providers, they developed what is the Intel platform things. The Intel platform is not a processor. Intel platform and AMD platform are commonly known as the X86 series, but the CPU core architecture design of the two companies is different, the direction of development is not the same, because the design of CPU LED chip group and matching have great difference. However, since both Intel and AMD use standard interfaces to support the hardware of compatible vendors, graphics cards and other devices can be used across platforms.
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AMD's CPU is better at multithreading, and it can be very smooth when running multiple programs at the same time. Intel is better in terms of stability and power consumption. If you want to select high Intel platform, because the high-end CPU basically is Intel monopoly, the strength of AMD is somewhat better than. Medium and low with the above, Intel stability and power consumption is very good, the price is more expensive, but AMD CPU in the performance of a good point, much cheaper. As for the choice of what kind of platform will see their own needs, if the daily office and entertainment, I will use the Intel CPU, the stability is more important and the performance and power consumption are doing well; if it is necessary multi-threaded capability, I will use AMD CPU, with AMD graphics and the pursuit of cost-effective better

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