The Pros And Cons Of The Vietnam War

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During the Cold War, the United States did their best to stop the spread of Communism. Several incidents such as the Korean War, the birth of McCarthyism, led the United States to the brink of war with the Soviet Union over Communism. One of the most pivotal moments of the Cold War was the Vietnam War. The United States joined the war to stop Communism from spreading to South Vietnam. This war had many Americans split down the middle as to whether or not they should be participating in the war. The Vietnam War is the biggest failure in American history. As previously mentioned, the United States were split right down the middle when it came to the Vietnam War. Many Americans believed that America had issues at home that needed solving. One of the most glaring issues facing the United States was the Civil Rights Movement. African-Americans thought the participation in the Vietnam War swayed the American focus from the real issues. The Vietnam War delayed the process of appeasing African-Americans at the time. Document 26.4 states, “We therefore encourage those Americans who prefer to use their energy in building democratic forms within this country. We believe that work in the civil rights movement and with other human relations organizations is a valid alternative to the draft.” This quote encourages American citizens to avoid joining the Vietnam War. Instead of joining, Americans should focus on reforms at home. This ideology was shared by many Americans at the time. Unfortunately, and despite the protests going on at the time, America would not leave the Vietnam War until 1973. Another major issue with the Vietnam War was that an end was promised early on but was never given. Despite losing less soldiers than the Vietnamese, they continued to keep fighting. The United States promised an end to the war several times and made claims that the enemy was tiring. History tells us that was obviously false. The war ended with the United States leaving on their own accord without being a clear winner. The US falsely claiming to be almost out of the Vietnam War is well-stated in document 26.5. The document reads “For twenty years, first the French and then the United States have been predicting victory in
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