The Pros And Cons Of The War On Coal

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There are many conflicts that occur in our world. But, one major conflict is the war on coal; it’s a phrase used by the coal industry and its supporters to describe what they claim is an effort by the government to impose regulations on coal power in the United States and making such power inefficient. Advocates of this expression also often identify the Environmental Protection Agency as one of the groups pursuing this war. The war on coal is also the decision whether coal is a good and reliable resource to use or whether coal is a bad and hazardous resources to use. Many people are on either side of this conflict. On the one side of the war on coal it is made up of a lot of past coal industries, coal workers and many others that think coal is good. Many of these people are struggling and are jobless now. Many people also take the other side of this conflict that coal is bad especially for the environment and is making global warming worse. Many of the people in this conflict that think coal is bad either recognize the effect coal has on the environment, or knows of someone that has been badly effected by coal.
Coal, although a hazardous resource, is a mineral that many companies use and has been very reliable for hundreds of years (The Dirty Facts on "Clean Coal Top Ten Reasons Clean Coal is Dirty). Coal is used in many businesses and they created jobs; however, “the Obama administration” imposing “regulations on coal” has made coal “uneconomical” (War on Coal). Many

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