The Pros And Cons Of Universal Healthcare

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"Universal healthcare refers to a healthcare system that provides benefits to all persons in a particular country." (Definition of "Universal Healthcare Coverage", This form of healthcare is used among the richest countries, Ex. Canada and France. Other rich countries that use the Universal Healthcare system spend far less than the United States does. Although the U.S spends more on healthcare, “The U.S ranks 28th below almost all other rich countries, when it comes to the quality of its healthcare assessed by UN parameters (pdf, p.13)"(Annalisa Merreli, A history of why the US is the only rich country without universal healthcare, These statistics call for a change. The United States should adopt universal healthcare because it would benefit business, provide equal access to healthcare, and is a human right.
Looking further into the effects of health care. It is overlooked that universal health care promotes better business by benefitting them. Firstly, which is done by the means of allowing every individual to live healthier lives, more specifically individuals who are employed. Employees would have higher standards of living thanks to universal health care. With healthier lives will maximize the work done by these individuals. In total benefitting their business or the business they work for. Secondly, a fact which all business owners would love to hear is that the amount spent on employee’s health insurance would be no more thanks to universal

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