The Pros And Cons Of Virtual Communities

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The internet and generally the web, have an increased interest in studying communities. It seems that it is important how they act, what is their purpose and how companies can take benefit of them. Software companies have tried to create groups of users which have been tested with new programs and experimentations. These experimentations have led to the creation of online or virtual communities in the early years of the internet. Online communities have been characterized in the first place as spontaneous events that provided community members with knowledge, opinions and experiences with other users. The increase in computers and the access to the internet have led to the creation of the first formats of communities that were news groups, chat rooms, newsletters and multi-user domains. The feeling of belonging made communities to work like social entities that unite users that were looking for support and to exchange information. Dholakia, Bagozzi, and Pearo (2004) recognized some of the main features of virtual communities. The human desire for connection has created online or virtual communities. There is a main difference from physical communities in that in this type people meet face to face and then they maintain a relationship while in online communities people-users form first online …show more content…

However we are going to present some examples beginning with one from Whittaker, Isaacs and O’Day(1997): First of all members share interests, needs or activities which have a direct connection with the important need of belonging to the community. Therefore members have a participatory attitude which often leads to shared emotions. Members can also access shared resources. Moderators control these resources by regulating their access. It is important to mention also that the information is reciprocal. Finally members participate in the same context having common protocol and

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