The Pros And Methods Of Counterterrorism

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In the past decade, have the global efforts been effective to minimize the terrorism and political violence? After the 9/11 attacks from al-Qaeda, the war on terrorism initiated efforts to combat the effects of the attacks and it extended to include all terrorist groups globally. According to Monaghan, (Jackson and Sinclair, 2012) “efforts to reduce terrorism and political violence have been divided into two broad categories--counterterrorism and antiterrorism” and there were two approaches to the counterterrorism, “hard-line and soft-line” (p. 188). Hard-line methods included the military force while soft-line utilized methods to resolve the issues with negotiations. The anti-terrorism methods were focused on the defense and efforts to avoid the attacks by increasing the security. The assumption that these global efforts were the most effective means to combat terrorists became justifiable in the minds of numerous people after 9/11. Although, the acts of terrorism are devastating, I pose that the global efforts have not been effective to reduce the terrorism and political violence in the past decade due to the number of civilian deaths, injustice in detainees, and mistreatment of the Muslim community. To begin, counterterrorism tactics have been designed to eliminate the surroundings of the terrorist and/or the groups who utilize violent means to accomplish their goal. One of the means of counterterrorism is referred to as the “hard-line option,” explains Monaghan
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