The Protagonist In Confetti Girl

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Fortunately, I can’t relate to the protagonist in “Confetti Girl”. I can’t relate to the protagonist in “Confetti Girl” because she had lost one of her parents, and her dad is all on his own to take care of her. For example, in the beginning of the story it states what her mom used to do for the family, and in line 1 it states, “Mom always had after-school projects waiting for me. “Can you help decorate cookies?” she’d say. Or, “Go outside and pick some flowers.” Or, “Fix my nails, please.” She loved to paint them, but since she wasn’t coordinated with her left hand, her right-hand looked like a preschooler’s coloring page,” and line 2 states, “I guess these projects were chores, but they were fun, too. Now when I come home, I’ve got to sweep,

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