The Protest Between Ferguson 's Residents And The City 's Government

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The protest between Ferguson’s residents and the city’s government has really had a great impact on political views regarding whether racism between police officers and high officials still exist and its effects towards african americans. But conflict between white and black individuals did not began in todays society nor was it any better before. Racism and abuse towards blacks dates back up until the late 16th century, starting from slavery. Slavery first began in 1619, when a dutch ship introduced the first captured africans to the new world. The ship docked in the north colony of Jamestown, Virginia. The ships crew traded the kidnapped victims for food and supplies. This enslavement of africans became an advantage to the colonists, by utilizing them as free labor in the production of tobacco. African men and women of all ages and sizes were taken from their country and turned into slaves. Most slaves were abducted mainly from Angola and Ghana, in the western part of Africa. These victims were forced onto the bottom deck of the ship in which they would be crammed up into any available space to make room. Captives in these ships would often be chained up against the walls or floors. Conditions aboard the slave ships were wretched… The atmosphere inhumane to say the least (“Aboard a slave ship, 1829,”Eyewitness to history 2000). Heat exhaustion, Hyperthermia, diseases, Strong odor of human waste were some of the many conditions these

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