The Protestant Ethic by Max Weber

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The connection between economic life, rational self-organisation and salvation are bought to life by Max Weber in the Protestant Ethic. This paper will showcase the way in which these terms are related to one another and it will explore this connection by drawing on what Weber refers to as the “spirit of capitalism”. Let us begin by understanding the starting point of Weber’s concerns for economic life.

It appears that Weber’s interest is concerned with the development of modern life, more particularly with the spirit of capitalism and the self-organisation system ( Giddens, 1992:x). Weber is interested in certain conduct and behaviour that is associated capitalism and economic lifestyles, this interest is what allows Weber to explore the connection between economic life and Protestantism (Giddens, 1992:xi).

In order to fully understand the terms self-organisation and salvation let us also understand what Weber understood by the term “the spirit of capitalism”. Weber describes this term as a peculiar ethic in which the aim is to seek an accumulation of capital, not necessarily for material purposes but also for the sake of wealth itself (Giddens, 1992:xi). It is considered as a calculated pursuit of continuous wealth accumulation and profit, it is this pursuit that is considered the essence of the spirit of capitalism. It should be noted that this accumulation not be confused with greed but rather a rational pursuit of profit (Giddens, 1992:xxxi). What we must also note

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