The Pursuit Of Oblivion By Richard Davenport

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Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines drug as, “something and often an illegal substance that causes addiction, habituation, or a marked change in consciousness.” As the definition states, drugs are normally thought of as substances taken that alter one’s state of consciousness that produces euphoria such as marijuana, heroin or cocaine. But what about behaviors that also produce euphoria such as eating food, having sex or playing video games? If the definition of a drug depends on a change in consciousness and the possibility of addictive tendencies, then why wouldn’t we include behaviors that produce a euphoria just like drugs? In this research paper, I will expand upon the definition of “drug” to include addictive behaviors, citing the similar chemical reactions these behaviors have on the brain and the human body. By exploring the varieties of addictive behaviors, I will point out the common side effects these “drugs” share. (Merriam) In The Pursuit of Oblivion, author Richard Davenport sets out to explain that drug use is completely normal, and the natural pursuit of intoxication is human history. He talks about evidence of drug use dating all the way back to 1552 B.C. with opium in ancient Egypt. Papyrus scrolls from the time period revealed over seven hundred different mixtures of opium, used for various medical and recreational purposes. He points out that drug use is a part of human nature and “Intoxication is neither unnatural or deviant.“ I agree that it is a

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