The Pursuit Of Truth And Knowledge Essay

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There is a reoccurring theme in the history of the world that every civilization has contributed to: it is the endless pursuit of truth and knowledge. The pursuit has never been about reaching a destination or an end point, or about acquiring all the truth and knowledge there is to acquire. Men have learned early on that the universe it too vast to unearth all its mysteries. However, throughout this pursuit, men have also learned about the limitations of their own understandings, the setbacks of their capacity to know the world as well as they would like. This acknowledgement of man’s inability to fathom the world in its entirety is what has fueled and continues to fuel the hunt for truth. The age of Enlightenment was characterized by the abandonment of age-old dogma in favor of a new way of thinking (Greenblatt and Abrams 2182-85). The scientific method, developed by Francis Bacon, had opened up several avenues for discovery and paved the way for empiricism, a prominent aspect of the era’s intellectual movement (Greenblatt and Abrams 2182-85). Among the greatest philosophers of the seventeenth century, John Locke is remembered as the most influential liberal philosopher to date. His contributions to political philosophy in what became known as modern day liberalism designated him as the apotheosis of Enlightenment thinkers, but his contributions extended far beyond politics. Locke ventured into the realm of epistemology, which is the subject of one of his most profound

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