The Pyramids Of Egypt T

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The pyramids of Egypt t are fascinating, although they still remain to be a mystery. The Great Pyramid is located in Gaza on the west bank of the Nile River. The purpose and uses of the pyramids have challenged scientists and architects for many years. The Great Pyramid is considered one the greatest wonder of the world. To construct a structure such as pyramid required leadership and art that few cultures of that period could achieve. History of the pyramids and the relationship between the shape the pyramids and religious practiced by the people continues to challenge archeologists. See below picture of the great pyramids. The methods and materials used in the construction of the pyramids continues to challenge historians, archaeologists, and architects to this day, and a better understanding of how the pyramids were constructed remains challenging. Analysis of the historical, architectural, and religious purposes of the pyramids provides the primary thesis of discussion. Social and political analysis of the pyramids along with the history and significance of the structures will be of significant importance. One theory regarding the relationship between the pyramids of Giza relates to the constellation of Orion . The three pyramids mimic the constellation, aligning nearly perfectly with the constellation both in shape and relative size. Another theory hypothesizes the Great Pyramid was based on pi and phi as the numbers used in construction stems from the ability to

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