The Racial Role Of Discrimination In The LGBT Community

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Growing up in South Korea as a Korean-American lesbian who did not neatly fit into any category, I constantly wondered about how other people of marginalized identities understand their belongingness in the larger society. I had not yet developed my sociological imagination, the ability to critically examine how the larger social structure shapes the ways in which people like myself understand their social worlds while empowering and affirming themselves. However, my training as a sociologist has allowed me to develop theoretical, methodological, and organizational approaches necessary for exploring how individuals of marginalized identities and statuses navigate through the society, including how discrimination influences individuals’ identity …show more content…

This research investigated the relative importance of racial and sexual identities on the likelihood to be out of the closet among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Asian Pacific Islanders (APIs). I used the Social Justice Sexuality (SJS) Project dataset, one of the largest nationally studies investigating LGBT racial minorities’ sociopolitical experiences, to perform ordinary least square analysis. My findings reveal that feeling connected to the LGBT communities plays a more crucial role than experiences of discrimination do in LGBT APIs’ coming-out experiences. Upon realizing that investigating diversity within the LGBT community is as important as understanding how the LGBT community positions itself in the mainstream society through this project, I decided to focus on racial inequality and diversity within the LGBT community in my doctoral …show more content…

Using the SJS Project data, I performed ordinal logistic regressions and found that black LGBTs exhibit heterogeneous attitudes toward the effects of same-sex marriage legalization on their personal lives based on their fluid racial and sexual identity salience hierarchy shaped by experiences of discrimination. I presented this paper at the After Marriage conference, which was sponsored by the American Sociological Association, and its manuscript is currently under review at Ethnic and Racial Studies. This project shows my drive to better understand diversity within the LGBT community from an intersectional

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