The Radical Reformation Of The Anabaptists

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The Radical Reformation of the Anabaptists created the tensions that eventually led to the complete revolt of the religious system throughout the 16th century world. This group of people, whose base for revolution was the time when one should be baptized, showed that the state-controlled Catholicism was less of a conduit for religious expression but more of a social slavery. This is also why Catholics as well as Protestants were against the Radicals. They could not be Catholic because they did not believe that a child should be baptized because they can not choose to accept Christ themselves. Anabaptists, while technically a Protestant movement, were not the type of Protestant those claiming to be Protestant at the time were. Both sides of the theological argument were against this one third party which created enough friction to cause the Radical Reformation of the 16th century. Michael Sattler, while not a creator of the Anabaptists, was one of the main leaders of the Anabaptist movement. This is especially significant because before becoming an Anabaptist, Sattler was a monk for the catholic church, working against the Radicals. Michael Sattler came up with the distinction between church and state, after seeing the unfairness of the Catholic Church during his time with them. If humans could be an influence on the kingdom of heaven, then the church will ultimately become corrupt. This became a main point for the Anabaptists moving forward. Sattler’s other big

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